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SOLscepterXL River Surfboard
5’6" x 26” x 3” | 15 LBS I 67 Liters

Rider Weight- 125 lbs. to 250 lbs.

Designed by Professional River Surfer and Instructor Hollis Brake in Montrose, Colorado

The SOLscepterXL Epoxy Prone River Surfboard was designed from the ground up to be versatile. And by versatile, we mean having more than enough surface area and volume to catch the smallest, mushiest waves during the shoulder seasons, and high performance rails for the most fun shredding possible when flows are at their peak. We designed the XL around the SOLscepter but with increased volume for smaller waves, or larger surfers, or both.

When building the SOLscepterXL, we sandwiched bamboo between layers of fiberglass to add strength and stiffness while keeping the weight down, and included five FCS II Fin Boxes so you can configure the SOLscepterXL as a quad, thruster, or twin, giving you added flexibility to adapt to different waves and rider preferences. To top it all off, we added a handy convenient carry handle and a full EVA deck pad to give you excellent traction without the use of wax.

(5) 4-Inch  FCS II Fins
Allen Key for Fin Box

Fiberglass Bamboo Construction
High-Volume Design
Anti-Slip Diamond Foam Deck Pad
Center Carry Handle
(5) FCS II Fin Boxes for Versatile Fin Placement
The SOLscepterXL is a traditional epoxy surfboard. This board is built for performance over durability. If durability is a priority, please consider an inflatable board. There is no warranty on the SOLscepter once it has been on the water.